February 2020



By Danny Silk – Parker Product manager

For two decades Parker has supplied Quality Incident Protection systems for the Carbonated Soft Drinks bottling industry. The Parker (formally domnick hunter) PCO2 CO2 Quality Incident Protection system is installed to protect against poor quality contaminated gas which may pass through the supply chain and into the beverage during the bottling process. The reputation of global brand leader soft drink manufacturers has been established over many years in a market where consumers expect a high-quality and consistent taste.

For 20 years, Pravesh and his dedicated Compressed Air Driers & Filters team have been trusted partners with Parker and have supported our customers over a wide range of markets and applications. As product manager to the Parker CO2 purifier system range, I understand the importance from the market to obtain a quality product and service in the food and beverage industry where quality standards are stringent and are under constant review. Knowing that the CADF team are providing such excellent quality of service while supporting regional bottling sites, we can rest assured that security and quality is guaranteed.

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It gives Compressed Air Driers and Filters great pleasure to announce our 20th year of meeting all your compressed air and filtration requirements.

Thank you to all our valued customers. each of you has been an integral part of our company’s success.

The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined efforts of every customer and staff member working together.

Here’s to celebrating another 20 years of mutually beneficial business together.